Xanax possession

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    Xanax possession

    The criminal penalties for possession of Alprazolam (Xanax) in Austin are set by Texas state law. According to the Texas Health and Safety Code, Xanax is a controlled substance in Penalty Group 3. There are 5 penalty groups in the code for determining the punishment for possession of controlled substances in Texas, plus one group for possession of marijuana. The lower penalty group numbers indicate more dangerous substances and have more severe punishments. Other substances in Group 3 include Valium and Ritalin, which are other prescription drugs. While Xanax may not be considered as dangerous as heroin or meth, the table below shows that the penalties for Xanax possession in Austin are very serious nonetheless. Notably, possession of just 1 pill will result in a Class A misdemeanor if you are convicted of the crime. Possession of controlled substances can land you in legal hot water in New Hampshire. So, if you’ve been caught in possession of Xanax, you’ll want to contact an attorney who is well-versed in the state’s drug laws. At The Anzalone Law Firm, we will go to great lengths to make sure you get the best possible outcome in your case. Over the past few years, prescription drugs have become a hot topic in law enforcement and legal circles. So police officers, prosecutors and judges are willing to go after those who are found possessing drugs. Expect harsh sentences, depending on the circumstances of your case. This is where having criminal defense attorney Michael Anzalone by your side can help.

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    Deandra Grant has successfully defended people just like you who've been arrested for illegal possession of Xanax. Call today to schedule a consultation! Possession of controlled substances can land you in legal hot water in New Hampshire. So, if you’ve been caught in possession of Xanax, you’ll want to contact an attorney who is well-versed in the state’s drug laws. Xanax is a highly regulated drug in Texas, and possession without a valid prescription can lead to criminal penalties. An Austin drug defense lawyer can assist.

    Many people incorrectly think that because Xanax can legally be obtained by prescription, that possession the drug is less serious than say an arrest for possession of marijuana, of which possession is not legal in the State of Texas. However, the use of Xanax is highly regulated and carries stiff penalties for possession of the drug without a valid prescription. As with most drug charges, the level of charges and potential penalties you may face for Xanax possession depends largely on the amount of Xanax you are alleged to have had in your possession and the circumstances involved in your case. If you’ve been charges with possession of Xanax, call an Austin drug defense lawyer Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626 today. Xanax or Aprazolam is a medication that is used to combat anxiety, panic attacks and depression. The drug is customarily dispensed as a pill and has powerful effects on the body including acting as a sedative and muscle relaxer. However, because of these effects, Xanax is often used recreationally and is subject to abuse. Alprazolam, more commonly recognized as Xanax, is a drug that treats anxiety and helps those living with panic disorders. The only way to legally obtain Xanax is through a doctor’s prescription. Securing Xanax in a manner that does not involve a doctor’s prescription is illegal. Even those prescribed Xanax can face a charge for unlawful possession. One instance that may lead to such a charge is if an individual has the drug on their person outside of the original vial (in a baggy, napkin, generic pill box, etc.). Other ways to receive a charge for prescribed drugs include: A drug’s classification determines the penalty severity for possession or any other drug-related charge. Drugs in the higher schedules have more severe penalties while lower scheduled drugs have less severe penalties.

    Xanax possession

    Possession of Xanax Charges Florida The Umansky Law Firm, Xanax Possession New Hampshire Criminal Lawyers Anzalone.

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  4. Xanax is unlike other drugs such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and methamphetamine in that it may be legally possessed. It is commonly prescribed by doctors as an anti-anxiety drug and an individual.

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    Contact Schneider Freiberger today to discuss your options following an arrest for Xanax possession or other Xanax charges. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Health and Safety Code section 11364 Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Vehicle Code section 23152a Sale of Synthetic Drugs Health and Safety Code section 11375.5 Defenses to Drug Crimes Involving Xanax Xanax has become very popular recreationally and people that enjoy it may not realize that the penalties can be as serious as they are for heroin and cocaine. If you have a prescription, there is a have been arrested for possession of xanax, it is very important to hire the right attorney to defend you.

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